identiMetrics Biometric ID Management™ is the easiest way to identify students and staff in any K12 situation when 100% accuracy, accountability and security is critical. Leading-edge school districts leverage the flexibility of identiMetrics in a myriad of ways for example, attendance including meeting, daily and tardy, identification to the food service POS for breakfast and lunch programs, library check-outs, employee timeclock, safe entrance to dances and athletic events and much more.

Our award-winning technology platform was driven by a former school administrator to eliminate the daily hassles of identification management and to significantly increase operational efficiency. A simple touch of a finger on a scanner (think of your smartphone) and our technology does the rest for you. identiMetrics is compatible with all leading education software. And our customer service and support will spoil you. With identiMetrics, you can simplify your school day and focus more on what you do best - providing an engaging environment for educating your students and operating superb programs.





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