About AGP Resources, LLC 

Ashley Gill, SNS, CMP, CCNP & Georgia Perez, owners of AGP Resources, LLC


Ashley Gill, SNS, CMP, CCNP - Ashley has built her career in child nutrition over the past 10 years.  With her keen sense of detail, her bubbly personality and her industry experience, her knowledge and dedication far exceeds her years. Ashley received her Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Florida State University (Go Seminoles!). Not long after graduation, she happily gained her SNS credentials while working as an NSLP Reviewer for the State. From here, she became highly involved in Government Policy and Regulations and became North Region Supervisor for the CCFP. With many years working in government, Ashley shifted her career and began working in the private sector implementing child nutrition software. Currently, she and her business partner have decided to branch out on their own with AGP Resources, LLC and focus on consulting.

In her personal life, she has five fur-dependents that she loves more than anything: King Leonitus DiCatrio (orange tabby), Prince Loco (male boxer), Princess Coco (female boxer), Duchess Daisy (female baby boxer) and Sir Chewy Bacon (male baby boxer). In her spare time she enjoys traveling and relaxing at home with her love, Steven, and their furbabies


b_320_280_16777215_00_images_Team_AGP.jpgGeorgia Perez - Georgia brings a great flavor to AGP with her experience in customer service and her passion for change in the child nutrition industry. Her high energy and personality has brought her much attention in the limelight. She has been a sought after presenter for various state and national conferences, for various industry topics. As a former SNA National Industry Chair, she has held numerous positions for various State SNA’s. Georgia received her Bachelors of Business Administration from Almeda University and is fluent in seven languages. Georgia’s experience began with many years in global sales of software and technology to the federal government. Here she learned to understand and interpret government regulations and their purchasing system. This experience led her into the child nutrition industry where her skills accelerated her as a leader, and also accelerated her sales and revenue. Her knowledge of technology brought her various positions in the private sector, selling and implementing child nutrition software. Georgia is the other half of AGP Resources, LLC. Georgia has been happily devoted to her husband for over 20 years and is a great mama to her kitty cat fur-baby, Skittles.  


Together, they are a Child Nutrition Consulting business with offices in Florida with a national customer base.  Throughout their careers they have built strong relationships and are highly involved with multiple Sponsor’s, SFA’s, State Agencies and Corporations offering and conducting staff trainings; including their Administrative Review Boot Camp and Data Entry Relief which are the most popular services they offer.


As a proud Woman Business Enterprise, they can communicate in English, Spanish and other languages.






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